Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Decor Elements!

Stampin' Up has put together a new product line called Decor Elements...and I LOVE them! They are vinyl "stickers" for your walls! They come in a variety of styles, you can see the link on the left for more details. I purchased a couple of them and put them in my home. I've taken a picture of the one from my family room. I have it above my sofa with pictures of the kids to offset it and I love how it looks! It just adds that little something special to that wall! If you're looking for that "something" to add to your home decor, contact me for a brochure and I will introduce you to our new Decor Elements line!

Until then...Happy Stampin'!

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Diane said...

Hi Jen! I'm happy that I can check your blog,I might just stalk it,lol! I'll pop in often now that i know you have a blog.
Have a great week!